Video Game Music of the Week - 63

Streets Of Rage 2 (Sega Mega Drive)


Go Straight, Slow Moon, Ready Funk, Good End

Yuzo Koshiro

Streets Of Rage 2 is one of the many ‘beat ‘em up’ style games that were released for the Mega Drive, including titles such as Golden Axe, Altered Beast and Battletoads.

The music features a diverse mix of funk and trance, something that is quite unique for a game with a premise such as
Streets Of Rage 2. It does of course provide the game with a certain uniqueness, one that remains to be a very memorable aspect of the popular game.

Go Straight
The music that plays during the first stage of
Streets Of Rage 2 is remarkably impressive. The composer, Yuzo Koshiro, showed everyone exactly how to create music for Sega’s 16-bit console well. The track itself is very dance/trance-oriented and is one of the many aspects of the game that sticks out to those playing and observing it.

Slow Moon
As its name suggests, the track titled Slow Moon takes it down a notch in terms of tempo when compared to some of the other tunes found in the game. One of the recurring elements of Mega Drive/Genesis music is that they inevitably have a certain ‘funkiness’ to them and this is one of those many tunes that simply amplifies this point.

Ready Funk
Ready Funk has a remarkable pulsing beat and driving rhythm that only helps to emphasise the dance nature of the soundtrack. The track has a very busy nature to it and there’s a lot going on within the song at any given time, resulting in one of the most exciting songs found in the game.

Good End
Personally, I’m a sucker for great ending tunes. We are often very impacted by the end of a game and when the tune that accompanies these moments are well composed, the entire ending becomes even more poignant. The track begins with a tiny melody that seems to blossom into something more rounded and complete. It’s a very different song compared to the rest of the soundtrack, but remarkably, most ending songs are.

Written by - Michael Villalon for ‘The VG Island’.
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