Video Game Music of the Week - 97

Cubic Climber (PC)


Clean Lead, Boulderdash, Element of Danger

Chase Bethea

Cubic Climber is an Indie Game by Simplicity Game Development Studio, featuring a soundtrack by composer Chase Bethea. The game is like a hybrid climbing/typing game where the player must enter a series of key combinations to continue to climb and reach the top. It can be downloaded for free over at

Clean Lead
The track starts with a heavy, echoed and almost tribal sounding beat. There are numerous sounds and effects in the song that help create a very diverse piece of music, with the beat holding everything perfectly in place. The drums silence out towards the middle of the track, as the background strings take centre stage. A few other string instruments can be heard during this section, with the drums slowly returning moments after. The track closes with a guitar riff that features a more compressed sound.

Boulderdash mixes a distinct electronic sound with a more serene and cleaner backdrop. The track gets a touch heavier towards the end as a slightly distorted drum kit kicks in. Up until this point, most of the percussion sounds are almost random in nature, creating a sporadic-like nature to the track.

Element of Danger
This track begins with a predominant focus on the varied, industrial-like beat. The song starts with lonely string chords, but as it progresses, things start to become more complex. More string instruments join a tad after the one-minute mark and shortly after, the percussion takes a step back to breathe, while the track begins to feature a certain level of tranquility.

Written by - Michael Villalon for ‘The VG Island’.
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