Video Game Music of the Week - 98

Tiny Wings (iOS)


Tiny Wings Theme, Night TIme

Andreas Illiger

Tiny Wings is an iOS game that was released in 2011, with an HD version releasing the following year. The game features a simple premise in which you control a bird with ‘tiny wings’ and utilise the structure of the surrounding mountains to gain both momentum and height. The game only features two tracks in total, with the major theme being surprisingly catchy.

Tiny Wings Theme
This song is what you hear countless times, over and over, as you play through
Tiny Wings and, strangely, never does the track feel old or repetitive. There is an overwhelming level of calmness in the song, which ensures that the theme remains settled, for countless hours of play.

Night Time
More of a bonus track, Night Time is only heard during the moment right before you begin a stage in Tiny Wings. Often, players will start before they get a chance to hear much of the song, however, the tune invokes a similar notion to that of the previous song and truly works as a fantastic interlude into both the main theme and the game itself.

Written by - Michael Villalon for ‘The VG Island’.
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